Making a better world, one creator at a time

$PLAY is a Creator Coin available for purchase on https://rally.io

What is $PLAY doing?

Here is what we are building for you at $PLAY

Creator Voting Tool

This voting tool is based on Creator Coin holdings, and enables users to decide how the community will grow. This is currently available at Creator Voting Tool

Creator Coin Collectible Card Game

Online Collectible Card game where creators can use their own coin in-game to play! Each card is a unique NFT owned by the player, and they can be traded with other players in the coming marketplace! Click here to learn more!

Creator Coin Games

Simple and fun games that turn creator coins into game credits to play games and impact the play of games you're watching

Creator Mastermind

$PLAY is creating a Creator-Only Mastermind program where Creators or their designee can meet on a private discord do brainstorm, find solutions, coordinate efforts and build everyone's community. Learn more here!

Coin-based Auctions

Coin-based auction app where Creators can sell their goods, both physical and digital, using their own coin as the primary currency!

LifePlay is live!

Pledge to support families in need within our neighborhoods. Grants will go to families, teachers, camps, schools and other youth-based organizations. Give the children of our community amazing childhood memories. These groups keep our children safe and help them build skills they can use for the rest of their lives.

Click here to learn more or apply for a grant!

GameCreators is game dev heaven!

PLAY is building creator coin games that can be played with Rally-based Play Coins. We have an amusement park-style arcade, role playing game, and a collectable card game in the pipeline. We are inviting game creators, gamers, and newbies alike into our community to learn and watch our developers work on our games live!

Creator Services is here to help YOU!

PLAY Coin will help you build your community and economy with innovative tools that will be compatible with Discord and other popular platforms. We are building tools to help you such as coin-base voting software, currency bank links, and social media propagators just to name a few. We want to work with coin creators to promote your brand. Whether you are selling music, NFT’s, art, or promoting your media outlet, we want to help you succeed!