Awesome Week in Play 7-29-2021


Yeah, it has been that kind of week here at $PLAY.

You may have heard we submitted a community grant request..




For reference, the 4.33K RLY is the square root of all the mainnet $RLY held by voters. That represents a total of 18.7 MILLION RLY tokens! I could not find a community proposal which recieved that much support!

We are going to be building a LOT of amazing things with this grant! Here are the highlights of the projects:

Project: Creator Coin Game Platform

A web-based gaming platform for Creator Coins.This will allow thousands of game developers to integrate Rally Creator Coin(s) into their new or existing Unity-based games. Deliverables include:

A Unity plugin

Server-based Purchasing system and Developer Portal

Public arcade site to host the games

Audience interaction tools for streamers

Simple game customization tools for Creators

Coin-specific and Global Leaderboard system

Project: Creator Auctions: (like eBay, for Creators)

Project: VOD Gating: Netflix/Kajabi style video content gating for Creators

Project: RallyBook v2: Upgrades to the popular Rally Economy analytics tool

Project: Creator Coin Game Jam: Bring in new community developers and game projects

if you want to read the specifics of the grant, and all the associated details, click here.

For those of you who are really interested in building, $PLAY is looking for seriously talented individuals to help create this amazing Playground!

We are looking for the following skills in amazing people:

  • full-stack web design
  • designer/artist
  • Unity developer

If you think you have what it takes to join the $PLAY team, shoot an email to with your resume, examples of what you have done, and what drives you to create.