Behind the Screen: Q3 Planning at $PLAY

Today I want to share a little "behind the screen" glimpse of life at $PLAY. This kind of thing might be interesting to you if you're a creator, a supporter, or just interested in how a team of Creators works together. We have a LOT that we want to do, but time and resources are finite. The team is big, so people have different passion projects, and we all still need to pull together to accomplish our goals. So that means some heavy planning from time to time.

We went through high level Q3 Planning today at $PLAY. We used a decision matrix with temporal weights on it to help prioritize and gut check things. Everyone on the team is free to bring a project forward during planning, and we work together on assigning numbers for metrics like Revenue Potential, Strategic Impact, Effort, Risk.

Last quarter we established our coin's economy and worked hard on creating strategic impact and understanding where we could play a strong role. This quarter, we are focused on establishing solid revenue streams for $PLAY to bolster our coin's economy and support base. This often means building tools for other Creators which will create revenue streams for their coin's economies. There are lots of smaller projects and dependencies which remain important to us despite no revenue component.

Why focus on revenue? We are spending a lot of $PLAY and cash to build things today. We intend to pursue some significant resources and funding very shortly, and it's going to be important for $PLAY to be able to deploy that funding and achieve a sustainable cash flow with those resources. Or we won't be able to have the impact on the Rally Creator Coin world that we want to have, and will need to dramatically scale back our efforts. That's no fun.

So we weighted the matrix more heavily towards revenue. Strategic impact remains steady. Effort is of smaller negative impact this quarter, as we plan to add some more team members and obtain financial resources to do that. Risk is a simple feeling that when we're done with a project, it will have the intended Revenue or Strategic Impact. This is a combination of knowing your audience, and it looks like we THINK we are not doing anything very risky (we will see!)

Here is what the matrix looks like after a 1.5 hour meeting to vet everything one by one:


For projects which have a revenue component, that is measured in RLY tiers. Our objective is to have a firm base of RLY flow to be able to support our growth and efforts after each of the projects are brought to completion. We have specific targets for growth and coin economy growth which helps us prioritize decisions.

After all the numbers are in, we activated the scoring! This let us see how each project scored according to the weighted metrics. Sorting score gave us a pretty interesting view and dropped some out of the running for this quarter right away by setting Active to 0.

At this point we quickly ran through and assigned rough resource weeks to each item, and then sorted the projects by potential value compared to resource weeks. This let us see which projects could bring us greater impact on resource spent. It doesn't mean this is our prioritization list, but showed us that if we are able to add more resources to build more casual games like "Dwarven Sky", for example, that we'd likely see a benefit.


From here, we take the resource types and add typical scope risk factors.. because things ALWAYS take longer than you think, and it's different by resource (engineers vs designers vs operations folks).

You can see that more than 12 weeks worth of work per resource type is slated for this quarter. This means we're overbooked.. before even adding scope factors or thinking about scheduling/vacations/etc. The solution for that is to add more resources, ie find more people to help! That's what funding will enable for us.

So, the final verdict of the Q3 planning is that we have a LOT of work to do this quarter. The end result of that work should be a significant new impact to our weekly RLY input to the $PLAY economy. This means more $PLAY to push into projects like LifePlay, GameCreator Kids, prizes, giveaways, and making a massive positive impact.

If we manage to accomplish the top 10 things on our list, we'll have realized about 80% of the revenue benefit we were going for, AND we will have produced some high value tools for other Rally Creators to use to build their economies.

Now, we will drill down into each project, create daily tasks, and get to work :) See you on the other side of the screen!