Behind the Screen: Q3 Planning at $PLAY

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Today I want to share a little "behind the screen" glimpse of life at $PLAY. This kind of thing might be interesting to you if you're a creator, a supporter, or just interested in how a team of Creators works together. We have a LOT that we want to do, but time and resources are fin... Read More

How does $PLAY help you, the creator?

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As a creator, you are hyper-focused on building up your brand and content, but what about everything else? Every creator knows the easiest path to success is to focus on what you know, and find someone to handle the rest. All creators know what it is like to juggle everything when they started,... Read More

This Week in $PLAY - 06-23-2021

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Some EPIC news this week!First, we've made HUGE progress on the CCG! CCG1 gameplay is affected by the location the player’s cards are currently acting in, and these interactions have been named “Homes” and “Banes.” Each card is at Home in the color its faction belongs to, and h... Read More

LifePLAY outside!

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LifePLAY isn't just videogames. It is getting out into nature, outside, with friends. Help LifePLAY give this chance to children who could use a hand. thank you. Click here to support LifePLAY!... Read More