This week at PLAY - 2021/07/09

This has been an AMAZING week at PLAY!


This week LIFEPLAY made it possible for two children to attend summer camp! Thanks to the many donors, the families of these two children did not have to worry about where the funds would come from so they could go! WAHOOO!!!

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Game Greators

HUGE week for game creators! Check out one of our new casual games, Dwarven Sky!

Background: The time of The Great Shaking has come again, presenting a profitable opportunity for the artisan dwarves in the city of Underforge. Every year the Cavern of Stars rains down with gemstones knocked loose from the stone sky above. Muthar, the Forgemaster, has asked you to go out and collect the gems he needs to construct a powerful artifact. But there's a small problem, and time is of the essence. The rain only comes in short bursts lasting for a single minute. Once the gems hit the ground they shatter and become useless so you'll need to hurry and catch the gems Muthar needs before they're destroyed. Instructions: Click on the falling gemstones. But only the ones Muthar is asking for. Each gem you collect adds to your score. The more you collect in sequence makes them more valuable to Muthar, and you'll earn an extra bonus with each subsequent gem collected. However, if you collect any gems of the wrong color, the bonus returns to zero. You have sixty seconds to complete your task. We're working on simple casual games which will showcase our upcoming Creator Games Platform. Several of these games will be able to be rebranded for any Creator and show other developers how they can help build the Rally economy easily through fun casual games.


Play had our third quarter planning meeting, and there is SO much to talk about, I'm just going to post a link to the blog Dave wrote about it, so I don't miss anything!

3rd Quarter Planning Blog

Creators Mastermind

The Creator Mastermind group went live this week. It is a free discord for rally creators to discuss creator stuff amongst themselves. If you are a creator and want access, talk to KT the Kiltman on the PLAY discord.