Giving kids the chance to flourish


LifePLAY Empowers youth by eliminating the worry of what they will have to sacrifice to enjoy the programs we support.


Through the programs supported by LifePLAY, youth are lifted from their situations and shown the amazing things life has to offer.


Programs LifePLAY supports teach youth not only the skills needed to be successful, they help support their emotional wellbeing and mental development with something we all love: PLAY.

What does LifePLAY do?

LifePLAY was created to utilize $PLAY to promote, support, and encourage youth-based programs to succeed. The value of PLAY is recognized as key to the development of a child’s physical health and mental well-being. Supporting organizations, clubs, teams, and individuals who devote tireless effort and time to these children is what LifePLAY is all about.If you can, please help support us!(for more info on how to donate, scroll to the bottom of this page )

How does LifePLAY work?

LifePlay Grants are used to to support play-based activities which unite and empower youth. Examples are school theatre programs, teachers, team sports, music and art programs, outdoor recreation and education programs, and summer camps! Grants range in size from $100 to $5000 and can be applied for on behalf of individuals or small groups. Applications are reviewed on a weekly basis.

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Take the LifePlay Pledge

Pledge to support families in need within our neighborhoods. Grants will go to families, teachers, camps, schools and other youth-based organizations. Give the children of our community amazing childhood memories. These groups keep our children safe and help them build skills they can use for the rest of their lives.

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How to support LifePLAY

If you have never used $PLAY before, it is EASY!
$PLAY can be purchased in up to $200 increments with a debit card (or SOME credit cards, though not all banks allow crypto purchases via credit cards) directly on the Rally at If you have $RLY in your Rally account, you can also convert it to $PLAY (or any creator coin you prefer) using the ‘Trade’ button on the top right of the screen. You’d hit it, and select PLAY which would be at the very bottom of the list.Once you have the amount you wish to donate, send it to the LifePlay account.