Play your new favorite Collectible Card Game with your favorite creator coin!

Supporting Creators...
Through Play

The upcoming $PLAY CCG1 (in development) will promote BUY/TRADE transactions using Rally Creator Coins. This will help YOU, the creator, build your community's economy by encouraging your supporters to build and hold coin balances. "White Label" licensing will be made available to re-brand the base game with your own customized card and image content, and make the game even more YOURS!
To make the game even MORE customized, we are working to implement the tradable cards as NFTs!

Play CCG1 In Your Web Browser

The $PLAY CCG1 is being developed using the industry standard Unity Game Engine, targeting WebGL ready devices. This enables users with most any browser to access the game on any desktop device. Mobile versions are planned.

CCG1: A Fun Perk For Your Community Members!

Holders of creator coins are constantly looking for something to do with their shiny new tokens. Licensing CCG1 helps build both YOUR brand and YOUR economy! Games are the ultimate way to allow your valued Community members to indulge in their most basic desire to PLAY!