PlayCon 2022

Come Play With Us!

2022 is for Creators

This is a FAST moving space, $PLAY is honored to be part of it. Things fired up in 2021, come learn how they will LAUNCH into HIGH SPEED in 2022!

Engage your Favorite Creator!

Come see your favorite creators talk about a wide range of topics from crypto, games, charitable giving, NFTS, and more!

PLAY new games!

PLAYCON will have games to be played online and with others DURING THE CON where you can win prizes!

Discover new things!

Come learn from experts on topics wrapped around Rally, such as NFT usage, Crypto Gaming, and how run your own community!


PLAYCON is an annual virtual event hosted by The PLAY Coin which is focused on bringing creators and experts in crypto-related fields to you, the fans! You can join panels where your favorite creator talks about her next big project, learn how new NFT tech can impact your everyday life, play online games with other con attendees and panelits, and some surprises that won't be unveiled until the con!


PLAYCON is the first global con presented by PLAY for creators and fans alike to learn about all things PLAY and RALLY, as well as interact with celebrities and creators, play games, win prizes, and PLAY with other fans! This con will help bring you, the fans, closer to the creators and celebrities you love, showcase achievements by creators on Rally, and enable you to discover new creators you may not have known were on Rally!


Panel Confirmed Speaker
**Friday **
5:00 PM $PLAY Town Hall Dave Young & Play Team ($PLAY)
6:00 PM Tabletop Gaming in the Digital Age Felicia Day ($GEEX), Robert Davis, Scott Legault
7:00 PM NFT Innovations: Art, Ownership and Utility Skot ($SKOT) & Bret Kinsela (@niftorian) & Verizon
8:00 PM What is Rally? Social Tokens, Crypto, Sidechain, Community Kevin Thompson
9:00 PM VIP Meet and Greet with Speakers Rally Creators & VIP Ticket Holders
**Saturday **
11:00 AM Coffee with Creators Rally Creators
12:00 PM Built on Rally! Developer Showcase Rally Community Developers
1:00 PM How to Build Apps and Games for Dave Young & Rally Developer Council
2:00 PM Game/Product Design Problems and Solutions Dave Young & TBD
3:00 PM How to Build a Successful Creator Economy on Rally Meta4ickal ($KKCR), Xcelencia ($EQUIS) & Rally
4:00 PM Creator Showcase 1 4 Rally Creators (TBD)
5:00 PM Creator Showcase 2 4 Rally Creators (TBD)
6:00 PM Owning a Little Piece: NFTs in Gaming Allie & Mason ($ALLIE)
7:00 PM Future Awesomeness Rally
8:00 PM Music Creators on Rally Xcelencia ($EQUIS) & TBD
9:00 PM Cosplay and Karaoke with Creators Rally Creators & VIP Ticket Holders
**Sunday **
11:00 AM What Went Wrong? Rally Creator Horror Stories Kevin Thompson
12:00 PM Creators in Metaverse: What Could it Look Like? Dave Young + Panel
1:00 PM Creator Showcase 3 Meta4ickal ($KKCR) + 3 Rally Creators (TBD)
2:00 PM Creator AMA Breakout Sessions for New Fans Breakout Rooms
3:00 PM $RLY and The Rally DAO Rally Network DAO
4:00 PM Doing Some Good: Charitable Giving with Crypto Jen Whittaker (LifePLAY)
5:00 PM Wrap Up Panel: 2022 Predictions Special Guest!